Life Education Service Club

Life Education Service Club NTU Life Education Club (Lifeedu) aims to serve young teenagers (aborigines, in particular), helping them to build up healthy life styles as well as positive values during their development. With a view to this goal, Lifeedu hopes to recruit NTU students who embrace the same enthusiasm, objectives and optimistic life experience as our club members. Ever since 1998, Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan has started to promote a series of “life education” courses in order to instruct and enlighten young students the real meaning of LIFE. In addition, these courses have assisted students how to build up their confidence, enhance their inter-personal communication skills and learn to be more active and optimistic towards their lives. Our club’s goal is to echo MOE’s idea and eager to promote this across NTU campus, hoping to raise NTU students’ consciousness about life education, appreciating life value to a deeper level. Our club classes (including serving camps in summer and winter vacations) will ensure club members to learn how to be equipped with effective methods to serve our next generation.